Sleep… What’s the big deal?

You know the utter frustration when your mobile phone starts acting all slow and sluggish and you have important things to do but it’s just not playing along? Generally the first thing we do is a soft reboot or turn it off. When you turn it back on, VOILA! and it’s back to its fast, cheeky old self (most of the time anyway) and you can carry on with your day. Phew! Your body is just like that phone, except we need a reboot every single day and our reboot doesn’t happen with the push of a button, nor does it happen as quickly… but you get the gist.


A good night sleep is the best thing you can do for your body. It seems like such a simple, cliche thing to say but it amazes me how many people don’t actually fully grasp how important sleep really is. If you know me, you know that I cannot cope without a solid 8 hours of RESTFUL sleep per night. If I don’t get that, I struggle to concentrate, I crave unhealthy foods (which would more than likely just make me tired), I don’t want to exercise, I feel groggy and my mind is a blur.


The importance of sleep was instilled in all of us as children but the importance of good, quality, restful sleep is even more important, in my view. While you may think you are getting a solid sleep, sometimes you may actually not be getting enough restful sleep.


There are an absolute multitude of benefits to sleep, but these are my favourite :

1. It is a complete reboot to your system ;
2. It builds up your immune system ;
3. It helps with concentration and memory ;
4. Physical health : your body repairs and rebuilds ;
5. Emotional health : you are happier, in a better mood and don’t feel as irritable.


These are my top tips for a good nights sleep (though I do not always practice what I preach) :

1. Limit yourself to one coffee per day (and try avoid caffeine after 15:00) ;
2. Don’t play on your phone in bed. In fact, sleep with your phone in another room or out of your reach ;
3. Try avoid TV just before bedtime. Do NOT fall asleep in front of the TV ;
4. Have a cup of chamomile tea (or whatever herbal tea you enjoy, except for caffeinated ones. I love peppermint tea) ;
5. Make sure you are hydrated ;
6. Don’t exercise too close to your bedtime. I find that stretching does wonders but anything more intense keeps me up ;
7. Get your body into a sleep schedule. Choose a time to jump into bed, have a bedtime routine (read, breath, stretch, do your beauty routine) and stick to it.


Love yourself enough to prioritise good sleep. It is one of the easiest and healthiest things you can do for your body.

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