Dry Skin Brushing

The dry skin brush – my trusty old friend – is in my opinion is one of the most beneficial tools that can be added to your morning routine. I must be honest, I have sadly neglected my dry skin brush recently, but having spent some time with it again, I remember why I started… that feeling of silky, soft skin.

This wise little guy is a jack of all trades. There are so many incredible benefits to dry skin brushing every morning. Try make a habit of doing it before your morning shower.

The key benefits to dry skin brushing are:

1. Removing dead skin cells & exfoliation;

2. Increase blood circulation & reduce cellulite (Whoohooooo!);

3. Promotes lymph drainage;

4. It makes you feel pretty darn good.

5. A massive benefit to me personally is that when I was dry skin brushing for prolonged periods, my skin did not itch as much post leg wax and I had fewer ingrown hairs.

Tips for dry skin brushing:

– It is important to buy a brush with natural bristles and not something synthetic as this could irritate the skin.

– A brush with a long handle is useful for those hard to reach places.

– There is a specific way in which you brush your skin and that is towards your heart. For example, if you are brushing your leg, you would brush in an upward motion in the direction of your heart, as opposed to downwards to your toes.

– The amount of pressure is dependent on yourself but I wouldn’t suggest pushing too hard. Your skin may be a little tingly afterwards but that is completely normal – it just means that your blood is circulating.

– The amount of time which you brush is dependent on the time you have available – you could do as little as two minutes or up to twenty.

I hope you all invest in a dry skin brush especially with winter on the way and the dry flakey skin that comes with that. Enjoy this act of self-love!


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