Get off that scale!

 I have never been particularly good friends with Mr. Scale because I don’t believe he is a true reflection of my state of health. I don’t own a scale, I never have and I don’t think I ever will.

Since I started BBG in May 2015, I found myself quickly jumping on the scale on the way to the showers at gym, yet telling myself that what the number says is really not important. Slowly but surely, this darn weighing myself thing became a part of my life and I hated it, but I couldn’t stop myself.

 In March this year, I was struggling with an injury and wasn’t running or gyming (which in turn meant that I didn’t weigh myself because I wasn’t at gym) and when I finally got back to gym and jumped on that wretched scale, I weighed 2kgs less than I did when I was fit and feeling healthy. What on earth? I am ashamed to admit that I enjoyed my “scale victory” and walked around with my head held high… until three weeks later (after nine runs and nine BBG sessions) I jumped on that scale again, expecting a happy result, and the flipping thing said I was 2kgs heavier than I was when I wasn’t exercising. I felt defeated, I felt down and I felt disgusting. All of a sudden I doubted myself, my ability and my self worth. All my hard work trying to be active and healthy and then this massive setback!

 I had to make an active decision to not let the numbers on the scale get to me. I had to take myself back to the place I used to be where scales weren’t my friend, where scales where just useful for baking and where scales do not reflect my true state of health. What reflects my true state of health is how I feel, how much energy I have, how my clothes fit and how happy I am. That is what is important. I know that so many women struggle with this “scale defeat” and I want to tell you all how insignificant it is. I am my lightest when I’m inactive, not eating particularly well and feeling un-energised. I weigh the most when my body is a strong, powerful, well-oiled machine and I can do pushups and squats like a champ, I can run, I am full of energy and I feel good and positive about myself. Now that is a massive victory… a non-scale victory!

 I want all of you beautiful women to know that a scale does not define you, it does not make you a better person, it does not make you fit or healthy or happy. Measure your progress by these things and you will realise the triviality of numbers on a device.


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