Best Picnic Spots in Cape Town

I think I may get in trouble for posting some of these spots but I figured that such beauty should be shared. There really isn’t much better than packing a little picnic filled with delicious food, bubbly and finding a beautiful view to enjoy it. These are my absolute favourite spots for a picnic in Cape Town. There are loads of places to throw down a blanket and have a picnic but these are the more unconventional places that you can get to easily. I’ll save the adventurous spots for another day.

Chapman’s Peak Drive, Hout Bay:

You can find a beautiful spot to picnic on the side of the road without having to pay the toll. You’ll just have to find a spot before the turn around point. There are quite a few places to stop and as a general rule, you won’t struggle to find a place to set up. The sunset from up there is incredible and you can watch the boats coming into the harbour, while sipping on your bubbly.


 Tip: Take something warm though because when the sun goes down, it can get rather chilly.

Cape Point Vineyards, Noordhoek:

Although this post is supposed to be about places you can take your own picnic, I just had to include Cape Point Vineyards to the mix. It is one of the very few (I can actually only think of two off hand) wine farms in Cape Town where you can see vineyards and the ocean. The set up is just amazing. You can opt to buy one of their picnic baskets or you can just grab a charcuterie board, a bottle of wine and go set up your picnic on the grass in front of the dam.

Obviously you can’t take outside food or drinks to this spot but it really is so worth is for the views and the wine. The Cape Point Sauvignon Blanc is flipping delicious so it’s always an easy decision for us. This place ticks all the boxes if you looking for simple, yet really delicious food, great wine and a beautiful view.

Tip : take an extra blanket if you want to sit on the grass. There are benches to sit on too but they get snatched up pretty quickly.

Beta Beach, Bakoven:

This is our general go-to spot because it is usually quieter and more wind-protected than the other beaches along the Atlantic Seaboard. You can opt for a beach picnic or you can head to the rocks and find a spot where you can watch the sunset. The negative about sitting on the beach is that you won’t particularly get to see the sun setting but you’ll still get to see the sky turn shades of red and pink. The rocks are the more popular choice for the sunsets but be sure you take a little blanket or something to sit on because the rocks can get a little hard and cold on the bum cheeks.

 Although Beta Beach is a relatively well known spot, it’s usually not too populated. I’m not sure if its because of it being a little out of the way or if it’s because the beach itself is absolutely tiny so if the tide is high, the beach is practically non-existent. The water is  crystal clear, ice-cream headache freezing and there’s loads of kelp floating around but it is the best spot in Cape Town to go for a dip in the sea. You can jump off the rocks or you can swim from the beach. The great thing about Beta Beach is that the sea is usually very calm and the waves don’t break in the little bay, making swimming here an absolute winner.

Tip: Find a spot on the rocks for a beautiful sunset, take a blanket and don’t forget your costume.

The Rock, Fresnaye:

Okay, now this one might get me in trouble! We were introduced to this place five years ago by friends and we were sworn to secrecy. Since then, it has become a more popular spot so I figured that it’s okay if I mention it. I won’t give the exact location (in case said friends read this) but I know you can find it online elsewhere (haha).

 This spot boasts the most incredible and uninterrupted views of the Atlantic Seaboard (Camps Bay, Clifton, the 12 Apostles) and the sunsets are just ridiculous. It is also a place you’ll have to get to relatively early so you can find a nice rock to perch yourself and your picnic on. There are loads of rocks around but you want to try find one that’s big and flat enough that you can actually spread out a little. You literally look down on the world and you can see people running along the road in Clifton (little ants), the ships out at sea, the sun going down and all the massive villas.

 There is a walk/hike up there too which we haven’t done yet but often see people taking their dogs… while I sat there drinking my bubbly. On another note, people are always super duper friendly up there – not sure if it’s the fresh air – but there is always loads of laughing and chatting and sharing of rocks. Don’t be upset if someone climbs onto a rock next to you and you leave there as besties. It is totally normal.

Tip: Get there early to snatch up a good rock, take something to sit on and don’t forget your bubbly!

Silvermine Nature Reserve, Table Mountain National Park:

This place buzzes over the summer months. If you don’t get there early, the chances are you will be setting up your picnic in the bushes (literally) with no shade. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

 This is such a lovely spot to go if you plan on spending the whole day there. You set up your picnic around the reservoir and you can jump in the water, have a swim, then jump out and have a little nap before lunch. My favourite part about Silvermine is that everyone brings their dogs and they’re usually swimming with their moms and dads, or coming around to your picnic to see what treats you are offering.

 Silvermine also has braai facilities and although I’ve never actually used them, the facilities look clean and good. I reckon you’d have to get there extra early to grab up one of the braai spots. There are some beautiful hikes and walks around the reserve too so if you’re up for an adventure then why not go for a little stroll or hike. There are differing degrees of difficulty when it comes to the walks and hikes. If you are just planning a little walk post lunch then there is a small walk around the reservoir along the boardwalk which is great for kids, people (and dog) watching and stretching the legs. I don’t think it’ll take you longer than 15 minutes to do this walk and you can keep an eye out for all the fauna and flora.

Oh, you do have to pay to get in to the reserve. I think last time we went it was around R40. Really not bad at all considering how well kept and beautiful it is.

Tip : Get there early, find a shaded spot and somewhere you can access the water easily.

My Balcony, Sea Point (Exact location : secret)

This is the place I frequent most often and it is most probably because of the views. Shame hey! It’s also super convenient because the kitchen and bathroom are right there and I can go there in my pj’s if I want to. Unfortunately it is closed to the public though. Sorry, not sorry!


Picnic season is just around the corner so let me know if you have any other spots. I’m always on the prowl for new locations!


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