Miss Matcha

The first time I heard about Matcha was about three years ago when my husband was experiencing a serious green tea obsession and he wanted to try every single one on the market. When he heard about this super-tea, he needed to have it. We searched high and low , unsuccessfully, and it went to the back of our heads… until last year when we started seeing Matcha all over the place (coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants) and we started the hunt for a really great, quality Matcha. That’s when I came across Miss Matcha.



Originating in Japan but unlike regular green tea, Matcha leaves go through minor processing to try maintain the goodness in the leaves. The leaves are never heated and they are kept in the shade to preserve all the nutrients. It is Superfood on its own which is no surprise. Its antioxidant content is 137 times higher than regular green teas. It has so many health benefits, including increasing energy levels, strengthening the immune system, enhancing metabolism but its bright colour and rich flavour are without a doubt the initial attention grabber.


Our hunt to find a great, quality Matcha lead me to Miss Matcha and I instantly fell in love with her and her brand. Her website and online shop it so beautifully designed and so informative. I love that she’s not only an entrepreneur but she’s also a mom. She is so undeniably passionate about what she does and it is so refreshing to see. She is also super friendly and her service is impeccable. On top of all of this, her Matcha is absolutely delicious.

I love that Matcha is so diverse and you can play around with it – not only is for a good ol’ cuppa tea, but in baking, cooking and smoothies.

Matcha Tea & Latte

It would be a crying shame to have this incredible ceremonial grade Matcha and not taste it in its purest form – a cup of tea. At this stage, I need to make a confession. I didn’t have a bamboo whisk and I have heard that it is really important to mix all the clumps of powder properly so that you aren’t unpleasantly surprised with a big lump of green powder. I had to improvise with a teeny tiny metal whisk but it did the job.

1 gram Miss Matcha green tea powder

1/3 cup hot water

Whisk well to remove all lumps

Top with frothy milk (or milk alternative – I used almond milk)


Matcha Nice Cream

I love Nice Cream. It is delicious, guilt free and so simple. This Matcha Nice Cream was one step above and so ridiculously simple to make. I loved the combination of the sweet banana with that robust flavour of green tea.

Here’s what I did:

2 bananas – cut up into slices and put in the freezer

blend frozen bananas in Nutribullet

Add 2tsp Miss Matcha powder

Pop in the freezer for a few hours or overnight







More info on Miss Matcha Tea:

√ 100% organic, shade covered, steamed, air dried, de-stemmed and stone ground.

√ Contains no artificial colours, preservatives or additives, is sugar-free, gluten-free and certified kosher and halaal.
Kylie Quinn
Cell: +27 79 697 7271
Instagram: @miss_matchasa




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