Welcome to my journey…


Well with my Soul is an aspirational Wellness and Lifestyle blog in Cape Town, South Africa. I created it to inspire and be inspired by like-minded people, to show off the beauty of this place I call home and to allow myself a platform to showcase my true passions. You’ll soon notice that I love exploring Cape Town and all it has to offer, be it health, food, restaurants & wine, fitness or adventures.

I lead a relatively healthy and active life, though I am a massive ambassador for balance – I can totally indulge in chocolates, wine and a panna cotta or two – and I am believer in non-restrictive eating and listening to your body. I love running. I love yoga. I love exercise – all shapes and forms.


I  am a true girl at heart. I love makeup and anything girly and pretty. I absolutely love animals. I have a soft spot for bubbly – it’s the way to my heart. I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen but I am a pretty horrendous baker – everything I attempt seems to flop but I’ll keep trying!
I hope you enjoy and please contact me for any queries or just to chat. I’d love to hear from you! xxx





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