My can’t do without mineral – Magnesium

Our bodies cannot function without Magnesium – a shortfall could result in our entire body being out of whack, lack of energy, muscle cramps and overall ill health. … More My can’t do without mineral – Magnesium


Miss Matcha

Our hunt to find a great, quality Matcha lead me to Miss Matcha and I instantly fell in love with her and her brand. Her website and online shop it so beautifully designed and so informative. I love that she’s not only an entrepreneur but she’s also a mom. She is so undeniably passionate about what she does and it is so refreshing to see. She is also super friendly and her service is impeccable. On top of all of this, her Matcha is absolutely delicious. … More Miss Matcha

Dry Skin Brushing

The dry skin brush – my trusty old friend – is in my opinion is one of the most beneficial tools that can be added to your morning routine. I must be honest, I have sadly neglected my dry skin brush recently, but having spent some time with it again, I remember why I started… … More Dry Skin Brushing

Sunday Lunch

Who doesn’t love a Sunday spent with friends, food, lots of wine and bubbly and great conversation? I am such a sucker for a roast but I love to try different dishes as opposed to the old (albeit delicious) favourites. … More Sunday Lunch