Best Picnic Spots in Cape Town

There really isn’t much better than packing a little picnic filled with delicious food, bubbly and finding a beautiful view to enjoy it. These are my absolute favourite spots for a picnic in Cape Town. … More Best Picnic Spots in Cape Town


Dry Skin Brushing

The dry skin brush – my trusty old friend – is in my opinion is one of the most beneficial tools that can be added to your morning routine. I must be honest, I have sadly neglected my dry skin brush recently, but having spent some time with it again, I remember why I started… … More Dry Skin Brushing

Sunday Lunch

Who doesn’t love a Sunday spent with friends, food, lots of wine and bubbly and great conversation? I am such a sucker for a roast but I love to try different dishes as opposed to the old (albeit delicious) favourites. … More Sunday Lunch